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The IMPACT 307 Approach

Over the years, IMPACT 307 has helped many entrepreneurs find success. Our staff offers a combined 145 years of experience and has assisted in the creation and successful launch of 173 companies.  From business strategy and brand development to accounting and marketing, we help our clients with every aspect of launching a growing business.  From the early start-up stage, to the growth and sustainability stage, IMPACT 307 is here to support your business goals, providing comprehensive programs and support along the way.

When entrepreneurs begin exploring their start-up, many questions can arise. OurBusiness Mentorship program was developed to help entrepreneurs find answers to those questions.  As business counselors, we work with each client on a case-by-case basis to help them through challenges, provide expertise, and offer advice to help them get on a path to economic growth. In many ways, IMPACT 307 acts as a business partner to entrepreneurs needing support, direction, validation and resources throughout their journey. This relationship ultimately builds confidence and impacts the growth of the entrepreneur and the success of the business.

An IMPACT 307 program that’s more widely known is the Start-Up Challenge program. These challenges help to launch viable companies with a dedicated start-up capital. The model for the Start-Up Challenge has been adapted across the state and includes refining business concepts, support, and advising to ensure each start-up is set for success upon completion of the program. Many of the Start-Up Challenge finalists ultimately become incubator clients.

Through our Incubation program, each business receives more in-depth business counseling, available just down the hall.  On top of personalized coaching, each entrepreneur has access to other businesses within the local incubator, creating a vast network of professionals that can relate to the start-up grind, plus lend their expertise on a daily basis. Incubator tenants are also provided shared amenities like conference rooms, coworking spaces, and access to technology and software that most startups cannot afford on their own.

Whether you engage with IMPACT 307 through our Business Mentorship program, the Start-Up Challenges, or through Incubation, we are here to support your desire to become a founder. As the front-door to your entrepreneurial journey, IMPACT 307 is here to help you start and grow your business. Contact IMPACT 307 to get started today!

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