Success Stories

IMPACT 307 has had the privilege to help launch many successful companies. Here are a few that are making their impact in Wyoming and around the region.

Frog Creek Partners

Frog Creek Partners is a company that manufactures and promotes environmental technological solutions to protect and restore local watersheds through community involvement.

Frog Creek Partners’ first real break came when we succeeded as a finalist in the 2016 Casper Start-up Challenge. The process of preparing for and presenting my idea to the IMPACT 307 judges helped solidify my initial business plan and offer validation that I was on the right track. After moving into the business incubator, I used the business resources offered to me by IMPACT 307. I firmly believe that the Casper Start-up Challenge and IMPACT 307 helped me get my business off of the ground. Frog Creek Partners’ has since graduated from the incubator and we are in a large manufacturing space now. Thank you to the fine folks at IMPACT 307 for believing in me and providing the resources to help my company grow.

Falcon Technologies

Falcon Technologies was the first company to graduate from IMPACT 307. They produce specialty computers for day traders. This organization has had a five-year growth rate of over 400% and was named to Inc. Magazine’s 2009 Inc. 5000 list as the 686th fastest growing company in America and the 4th fastest growing company among computer hardware firms.

Firehole Composites

Firehole Composites, formerly known as Firehole Technologies, was acquired by Autodesk in early 2013. Autodesk, Inc. is a leader in 3D design, engineering and entertainment software. Since its introduction of AutoCAD software in 1982, Autodesk continues to develop the broadest portfolio of state-of-the-art software for global markets. Firehole produced software used by composite material manufacturers to conduct fault analysis and improve the design of products. The company showed strong growth and acquired CompositePro from Peak Composites, Inc. and had been awarded a contract with Lockheed-Martin as it develops the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter.

Happy Jack Software

Happy Jack Software graduated from IMPACT 307 in November 2010. Happy Jack Software specializes in developing Web-based software solutions and grew from two to 22 employees during its time located in IMPACT Laramie. Launched in 2005, Happy Jack Software released their Kalendi online calendar application, an enterprise class event management system. In 2006 Happy Jack Software partnered with Emissary Professional Group, LLC (EPG), a closed door pharmacy specializing in the delivery of pharmaceuticals to 25 Long Term Care and HMO customers. The partnership resulted in MedRight™, a software package designed to deliver superior resident care.

McGinley Orthopedics

McGinley Orthopedic Innovations, LLC (MOI) develops innovative engineering solutions for surgical procedures. MOI strives to engineer medical technologies which improve patient care by reducing costs and improving safety. Various hospitals and surgical centers across the United States are currently using a small-bone version of its IntelliSense™ Drill. The IntelliSense™ Drill incorporates technological advances into the standard orthopedic drill providing the surgeon with increased awareness of the drill bit while operating.

Medicine Bow Technologies

Medicine Bow Technologies, graduated in December 2011. Medicine Bow Technologies, founded in 2006, provides solutions and products for regional clinics and healthcare practice hospitals. Medicine Bow Technologies also offers solutions and products for law firms, banks, and other technology dependent businesses.

Tiger Tree Land Management

Our fifth graduate of IMPACT 307, TigerTree, was created in 2007 as the direct result of winning the University of Wyoming’s $10K Business Plan Competition presented by the College of Business. TigerTree is focused on caring for and protecting trees in Wyoming and the surrounding region. By looking for urban and forest solutions to tree health, TigerTree is able to preserve and protect the health of this natural resource, even in times of hardship such as the recent Mountain Pine Beetle infestation.

Bright Agrotech, LLC

Bright Agrotech, LLC has developed several products to encourage people to farm. Their products include the Hanging ZipGrowTM Tower and ZipGrow Matrix MediaTM Replacement. These hydroponic production towers are highly productive, modular, and are functional in a variety of plant production settings. Bright Agrotech, LLC has designed a product that can be used for commercial greens production as well as landscape design. Their product allows produce to be displayed whole and un-harvested in the marketplace and gives consumers the ultimate experience in freshness, nutrition, and flavor. In June of 2017, California-based vertical farming company Plenty acquired Bright Agrotech.

Analogic Engineering, Inc

AEI develops and manufactures ultrasonic nondestructive test equipment, and instrumentation for control and measurement systems. In 2002, AEI received an NSF SBIR Phase I Feasibility Study grant to develop a proprietary Electro Magnetic Acoustic Transducer (EMAT) and instrumentation that uses variable polarization shear waves to measure longitudinal stress in steel. In 2010, AEI received another NSF SBIR Phase I Feasibility Study for their research titled: “Using Ultrasonic Shear Polarization Contrast to Locate and Size Defects.” AEI developed a mathematical model to prove feasibility of detecting and sizing defects in steel structures and components using the EMAT and custom instrumentation and software.

Project Guide Services

Project Guide Services is committed to providing personalized and professional services tailored to the needs and expectations of our clients. We will provide full-time, experienced, on-site management, coordination and oversight on on every aspect of your project. Our collaborative team of planning, design, and construction industry experts is uniquely qualified with extensive experience in Owners Representation and Project Management Consulting. In 2016, Project Guide Services was acquired by MOA Architecture.

Z4 Energy Systems, LLC

Z4 Energy Systems, LLC (Z4), was founded in 2004. The company focuses on developing reliable renewable energy products for individuals, small business, and agricultural consumers. In 2008, Z4 received SBIR funding through the National Science Foundation and U.S. Department of Agriculture to develop a self-adapting rotor blade for small wind turbines, a wind-powered water pumping system featuring compressed air energy storage, and a 100% solar-powered livestock watering tank de-icing system. The company is currently in Phase II development on the Rotor Blade and Wind-Powered Water-Well Pumping projects.

Airloom Energy

Airloom energy is a startup wind energy company.


Nutriwyo offers industry contract research services to validate the safety of nutraceuticals. They provide strong scientific evidence, backed by robust preclinical and clinical research, for efficacy claims. The word “Nutraceuticals” has been used to describe a wide variety of non-pharmaceutical substances including dietary supplements, nutrients, herbal products, botanicals, processed foods, cereals and beverages. The global nutraceutical market had a turnover of $142 billion in 2011. This number is projected to double by the year 2017, with a compound annual growth rate of 7%. Despite this rapid growth, a major challenge for the nutraceutical sector is the need for scientific validation of the safety and efficacy of their products. Both the FDA and the health-conscious customer are interested in products/claims backed by peer-reviewed scientific research, published in peer-reviewed. Companies must have reliable scientific evidence to support their claims. Randomized, controlled trials on humans are required, and in cases two clinical trials may be needed.

Pronghorn Technologies, LLC

Founded in 2008, Pronghorn Technologies, LLC, specializes in water quality control systems. In February of 2011, Pronghorn Technologies, LLC, received a $1.05M NAVSEA Phase II SBIR contract for their Total Residual Oxidant Sensor (TRO). They also received a Phase I SBIR contract for $70,000 from the U.S. Navy. Previous funding for $300K was received from the U.S. Department of Defense and NAVSEA in June of 2010. Pronghorn Technologies, LLC, is in the final stages of development for their TRO Marine Sensor, which is specifically developed for the automation of water disinfection systems in highly salinity environments.

LogiLube, LLC

LogiLube, LLC is a technology development company focused on predictive data analytic solutions for the oil and natural gas compression industry. Our technology detects imminent failures in compressor equipment and provides real-time data online from anywhere around the globe, on any device. This actionable data allows companies to manage potential problems, increase equipment up-time and increase revenue.”

Atmosphere Marketing

Atmosphere marketing helps small businesses with digital marketing services and search engine optimization (SEO), which helps boost online visibility. After placing in the Ellbogen 30K 2016-2017 competition, Atmosphere Marketing became a client in the Laramie Incubator. Local clients include Tough Guys Lawn Care, Sanford, Britzius & Schiel and Laramie Dental Arts. Atmosphere Marketing is now located in Riverton Wyoming, where Dallin and Caitee Cooper continue to provide Wyoming businesses with diverse and specialized marketing services.

Crave Nutrition

In the fall of 2019, I was a Registered Dietitian that ever-so-technically became a business owner when I opened a private practice in Cheyenne. I had a vision for how I could help Wyomingites’ health through nutrition, but I lacked the business know-how to turn that into reality. I learned about IMPACT 307 when they hosted an informational session at the Laramie County Library about the Southeast Wyoming Innovation Launchpad (SEWYIL) startup challenge. After applying, I was thrilled to find out I was selected as a finalist. Thanks to SEWYIL, I, alongside a cohort of peers, got a crash course in all things business. Guest lectures and Q and A sessions from community partners, including accountants, lawyers, bankers, and a marketing team, as well as one-on-one help to wrap my head around my customer market and cash flows, all significantly increased my confidence as a business owner. The challenge culminated in a pitch night–something I had NEVER participated in before–and let me tell you, sharing my vision and planning for my business to a crowd of community members is one of the most empowering and motivating experiences I’ve ever had. The absolute icing on the cake was being awarded grant funding from IMPACT 307 that night.

Amazingly, the support didn’t end there. Thanks to ongoing mentorship, I’ve been able to make connections with a larger network of partners and I’ve gotten help problem solving through challenges that have come up since participating in SEWYIL. It’s been less than a year since opening my practice, but thanks to IMPACT 307 I’ve been able to steadily build a profitable business that is not only creating economic opportunities but is truly changing the lives of the clients that have sought out services to better manage their health.

Altus Solutions

Altus Solutions, Inc. is a business for good that exists to build higher solutions that reach greater impact in the fight end human trafficking and protect the vulnerable in four primary areas – tech, education, finance, and business.  Headquartered in Laramie, Wyoming at IMPACT Laramie, we are presently recruiting both a local and national team of human rights lawyers, business developers, technologists, educators, community consultants, marketers, impact analysts, and more.

I had been dreaming of launching a business for good that would help accelerate the anti-trafficking movement for some time.  But having spent nearly two decades in the nonprofit sector, I knew I needed a great deal of coaching and help to get it done.  We met with the amazing leadership team at IMPACT 307 in March, and became a client in April 2019. IMPACT 307 has been the accelerator for us to make our dream of creating a business to accelerate the end of human trafficking a reality.  Their coaching, advice, expertise, accessibility, support, network, and daily guidance and encouragement helped us move from concept to launch in just seven months’ time.  We are now in the investment raising phase of the company, and the IMPACT 307 team continues to help us make it all happen.  I could not have done it without them.

Connect Speech Therapy

Connect Speech Therapy landed a contract for speech language pathology services with the Saratoga Wyoming (Carbon County) school district, which helps prove out their business model. Founder Chelsea Paulus was featured in a Wyoming Business Council video.

Codeus Technology

Codeus Tech is a foundational cybersecurity research firm, focused on solving issues with how hardware and software interact. Their work focuses on securing the individual devices used in Smart Cities and Smart Homes – collectively known as the Internet of Things. Their product-in-development (X-Ita Control System) is a freestanding programming language which intrinsically incorporates mechanics traditionally found in operating systems, such as memory/processor management.

Codeus Tech has leveraged IMPACT 307 as a resource for the last few years in development of its cyber-secure programming language. They have received council on everything from legal/accounting to the technical foundation. The IMPACT 307 has provided resources on writing grants for agencies like DARPA and NSA, and they have also provided Codeus with a funded grant through the Southeast Wyoming Innovation Launchpad (SEWYIL).

Advanced Geotechnical Solutions (AGS)

Advanced Geotechnical Solutions is a full-service geotechnical engineering company specializing in state-of-the-art exploration and engineering analyses to better understand soil and rock prior to construction. A more in depth understanding of these characteristics allows us to make accurate analyses and recommendations. These analyses and recommendations ultimately lead to safer and less expensive projects to construct. Lowering the cost and risk of the project is more important now than ever before with fewer projects and smaller construction budgets.

We perform geotechnical analyses for a wide range of projects including commercial, industrial, roads and parking areas, energy related developments, and single to multi-unit residential projects. We routinely perform advanced analyses for slope stability of natural and manmade slopes and finite element analyses to determine settlement and stress distributions below infrastructure.

We also perform construction observation once the project transitions from design to construction to help ensure the plan is implemented and potential issues are addressed in a cost effective and safe manner.

Simple Injection

Simple Injection was founded in 2016 and began as a project to develop an advanced chemical pump controller that would solve the problems our customers were facing with the commercial technology available at the time. We recognized products lacked reliability, remote control access, and the ability to store data and deliver it to the client in real-time. Soon, this project became more than a weekend coding project, it turned into a full-scale product development and engineering challenge that brought Simple Injection to where it is today.


Disa is an innovative materials liberation company providing solutions that optimize the world’s use of resources and radically disrupt best practices in the mining and reclamation industries. Disa utilizes patented liberation technology and other equipment to isolate targeted materials in order to deliver efficiencies, reduce costs, and mitigate environmental impacts to its users. Disa platforms isolate a vast array of geologic material ranging from precious and industrial metals, to hydrocarbons and abandoned uranium mine material.

Our team strives to deliver on our goal of being a clean and responsilble technology in the mining and reclamation spaces.

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