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IMPACT 307 sponsors platforms to stimulate entrepreneurship in Wyoming.

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Collaborative challenges for entrepreneurs to develop, plan, and launch new companies.

Whether participating in one of the Start-Up Challenges, Launchpads, or other opportunities you see below, participants receive critical support and advising from IMPACT 307 staff to refine business concepts and maximize their performance. Although each opportunity has an application deadline, staff are always willing to discuss business concepts at any time.
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The Start-Up Challenge Concept

In 2016, the Fisher Innovation Challenge, later rebranded as the Fisher Innovation Launchpad, became the first start-up challenge in Wyoming that focused its efforts on launching viable UW student companies with dedicated start-up capital, rather than awarding prizes. Seeing that the program was extremely promising, the Casper Start-Up Challenge and Sheridan Start-Up Challenge followed along closely in late 2016 and 2017.

Expanding The Model

Upon delivering solid results, the model was then expanded to include the Southeast Wyoming Innovation Launchpad, the Microbial Ecology Collaborative Start-Up Launchpad, and the Wind River Start-Up Challenge in 2019.

Start-Up Support

Each year, we look for individuals who are interested in starting a new business or early-stage entrepreneurs wanting to grow. Through the local Start-Up Challenges, IMPACT 307 provides a monetary incentive and the business support needed for contestants to act on their ideas.

The Finalists

Finalists, chosen by a panel of judges, will work closely with IMPACT 307 staff to develop their businesses in their local areas. All finalists will gain business process knowledge as they progress through the phases of the competition. Regardless of the competition outcome, each finalist will be more prepared to launch and grow the business, simultaneously improving their likelihood for success and the local economy.

The top finalists will each receive up to a free year in IMPACT 307 local incubators in Casper, Sheridan, or Laramie and will be eligible to apply for funding from the Seed Funds.


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