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2024 Schedule

Jan 2nd, 2024: Application Opens
Feb 15th, 2024: Application Closes
April 9th, 2024: Pitch Day

IMPACT 307 provides deep expertise, coaching, and shared resources for founders to thrive.

Turning a great idea into a business can present many uncertainties and opportunities. IMPACT Fremont is here to provide objective advice, professional expertise, and offer a sounding board for the many questions that arise when exploring a business start-up.

IMPACT Fremont is an expansion of IMPACT 307’s Incubator Program, a direct result of the $2.4 million CARES Act Recovery Assistance Grant to the University of Wyoming from the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Economic Development Administration (EDA).  

Meet the IMPACT Fremont Team

Brian Daniel Young

Brian has over 20 years of experience with companies ranging from startups to global corporations. He has held leadership positions at publicly traded corporate entities and founded several small businesses. His background includes governance,  taxation, and executive management. In his role at IMPACT 307, Brian works one-on-one with IMPACT clients and oversees development of programs in Central Wyoming.

ph: 720-365-6694
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Fremont County Start-Up Challenge

The Fremont County Start-Up Challenge is a platform for County 10 residents to put their ideas to the test while receiving invaluable business coaching and start-up support. Learn more about the Start-Up Challenges and what you will gain by executing your big ideas with IMPACT 307’s support!

Fremont County Start-Up Challenge
Fremont County Start-Up Challenge

Special thanks to the supporters of the Fremont County Start-Up Challenge!

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