About IMPACT 307

Prior to June 1, 2020, IMPACT 307 was known as the Wyoming Technology Business Center (WTBC).

WTBC was founded in 2005 when a group of forward-looking leaders at the University of Wyoming and across the state committed to create a resource to facilitate companies starting up and growing here in Wyoming. The original WTBC was initiated by a UW task force, led by Vice President of Research and Economic Development, Dr. Bill Gern, and our first CEO, pictured here, was Jon Benson.

Building History

It took about three years to acquire the $8 million needed to get the building designed and built. Dr. Gern received two grants for approximately $4 million from the EDA and HUD. With Phil Dubois (UW President at that time) and Ben Blalock’s (head of the UW Foundation) support, the budding program also received $1.2 million from the McMurry Foundation and the State matched those funds with $3.2 million. Tucker Fagan, former CEO of the Wyoming Business Council, was a significant supporter and helped push the project forward in the legislature. With funds secured, the building was designed and the WTBC hired their first CEO, Jon Benson in 2005. Jon's first day on the job was the day they started digging the foundation.

Founding Purpose

WTBC was formed with an original mission to operate in Laramie as a technology business incubator providing facilities, technical assistance and administrative support to new and developing small technology/innovation businesses. A secondary purpose of WTBC was to promote social welfare through development of employment opportunities for Wyoming students and citizens, encouragement of industrial growth, especially that of technology-based businesses, and attraction of business organizations to the Laramie community.

Mission Expansion

The mission quickly evolved to aid other areas of the state in the development of new products and economic development. The Laramie WTBC building opened in October 2006 with full occupancy. The WTBC subsequently took responsibility over operations of the Casper WTBC in Summer 2013 and Sheridan WTBC in early 2015. Although the physical facilities currently remain in these three Wyoming cities, we invite entrepreneurs from anywhere in Wyoming to participate in the only University of Wyoming sponsored business incubator program.

Making an IMPACT

In order to continue connecting genuinely with our communities, building upon our legacy while also looking forward, current leadership decided it was time to leave behind our original brand. Thus, in the spring of 2020, in collaboration and support of the University of Wyoming and our partners in the Wyoming Business Council, the directors and staff began the exciting process of rebranding.

On June 1, 2020 we reintroduced ourselves at IMPACT 307. While the successes of our clients over the years are immeasurable, we plan to reach further, do more and be a comprehensive and leading resource for entrepreneurs throughout the entire state.

IMPACT 307 is a network of innovation-driven business incubators committed to growing and strengthening Wyoming’s entrepreneurial community by providing resources and support for founders to thrive.

As intended in our founding, IMPACT 307 also has a mission to lead the advancement of Wyoming’s entrepreneurial ecosystem within the UW Land Grant University charter. We achieve this by identifying and developing successful start-up and early-stage ventures that will contribute to the long-term growth and health of Wyoming’s economy. Our program has a proven track record of successful startups established as we work alongside Wyoming’s entrepreneurs and assist them with the creation of both viable and sustainable business models.

Working to advance the University of Wyoming’s mission to support economic and community development, IMPACT 307 positively affects entrepreneurs, their businesses and opportunity, prosperity, and diversity in Wyoming

Through our program, entrepreneurs and business start-ups are given the tools they need to turn their ideas into action and positively affect job-creation, grow primary employers and build our business markets.

companies launched

IMPACT 307 has assisted in the creation and successful launch of over 309 companies across our three incubators in Laramie, Casper, and Sheridan since 2018.

companies launched from 2018-2020

More than 137 companies were established from 2018-2020 using the start-up challenge model that Jon pioneered here in Wyoming.

companies started in 2022 alone

In 2022, a momentous year, 121 companies were started across the state from our regular community outreach and our nine start-up challenges.

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