Fremont County Pitch Night 2023: Celebrating Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Fremont County is buzzing with excitement as the much-awaited Pitch Night event draws near. The annual event is a celebration of innovation and entrepreneurship, providing a platform for local businesses and entrepreneurs to showcase their ideas and compete for funding and support.

This year’s Pitch Night will feature five finalists, each with a unique and promising concept. Let’s take a closer look at each of them.

  1. Storm Chasers – Julianna Aycock & Jose Torres: Founded by a group of snow problem solvers, Storm Chasers is a new concept to solve the problem of excess snow accumulation.  This challenge can be a health concern and a structural concern, and Storm Chasers design will resolve both.
  2. Penguin Projects – Kaitlyn McRann & Chad Clark: Penguin Projects is an innovative startup that is addressing a common concern in Wyoming – slow or non-existent internet signals.  Their product is designed to improve transmission of internet signals around obstacles in rural areas – like Wyoming.
  3. Wind and Sage – Monica & Matthew Thoman: Wind and Sage is an all natural candle company committed to the creation of wonderfully scented candles that don’t include properties that can have a negative impact in an environment.  Wind and Sage is primarily an online/order business.
  4. Digitsock – Bradley Hayes: Digitsock is looking to alternative solutions for hand hygiene, and with this in mind have designed their own anti-microbial solution – but their solution is in solid form – gloves.
  5. Wind River Adventure and Design – Matthew & Heather Cobb: Wind River Adventure and Design is jumping into the van revolution and taking it one step further: Wind River Adventure and Design is a company who develops customized interiors for vans based on the owners uses and recreational activities. 

These five finalists will have the opportunity to present their ideas and business plans to a panel of judges at Pitch Night 2023, which will be Thursday, April 27th at 5:30pm at the Lander Community Center.  It is free to attend and open to the public and appetizers and drinks will be available at no charge.  The judges will assess each finalist’s pitch based on criteria such as feasibility, market potential, and innovation, and select a winner who will receive funding and support to help bring their idea to fruition.

Pitch Night is not only an opportunity for local entrepreneurs to showcase their ideas but also a chance for the community to come together and support their efforts. It is an event that celebrates innovation and entrepreneurship in Fremont County and inspires others to pursue their own entrepreneurial dreams.  

In conclusion, the Fremont County Pitch Night 2023 promises to be an exciting and inspiring event, featuring some of the most promising and innovative startups in the area. We wish all the finalists the best of luck and look forward to seeing their ideas come to life.

The competition is made possible by donations from:  Fremont County MOVE, IDEA Inc., Wind River Development Company, LOR Foundation, Atlantic City Federal Credit Union, Wyoming Community Bank, Summit West CPA Group, Lander Economic Development (LEDA), Maven, Brunton, Lander Chamber of Commerce, and Mr. D’s.

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