Top Three Winners Announced at Sheridan’s Pitch Night

Tyler O’Daniel with his GrillGate, Jason Hodges of Wolf’s Lighted Necklaces and Jared Koenig’s Modular Pick Up Rack.

The evening was filled with inspirational presentations seeking to fulfill needs as outlined in the ENDOW Initiative (Economical Needed Diversity Options for Wyoming). All three winners hit the Tourism and Recreation Pillars.

The top three judge -selected entrepreneur plans will each receive a $5,000 award and access to additional working capital from a $100,000 seed fund. All finalists will receive incubator space, ongoing counseling and access to some professional services to aid in their business.

IMPACT 307 Sheridan Director Scot Rendall Opening the Event
Sheridan Director, Scot Rendall welcomes the virtual audience.
Jared describing how his Modular Rack is designed to efficiently experience the best of Wyoming
Jared explains how his mountain rack will improve the exploration experience here in Wyoming.
Tyler describes the benefits of his Grill Gate.

Tyler shares the benefits of owning and using his Grill Gate to the Virtual Audience.
Jason is questioned by a judge after his presentation.
Jason is asked a question by one of the judges after his presentation.

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