Top Three Winners Announced at Casper’s Pitch Night

B3, Perri Meeks & Brayton Sanders, an online web application designed to optimize inventory management for online retail companies. Their motto is “Don’t get caught out of stock”.

WyOlsen Design, Linda Olsen. We design tools to support homebound caregivers and professional medical staff. We are proud to present Earth Throne, a soft revolution in assistive technology.

Touchstone Training and Consulting, Emily Farley & Garrett Loyning. Provides instruction, testing and hands-on evaluation to meet requirements of Operator Qualification (OQ) in the pipeline industry.

The evening was filled with inspirational presentations seeking to fulfill needs as outlined in the ENDOW Initiative (Economical Needed Diversity Options for Wyoming). All three winners hit the Tourism and Recreation Pillars.

The top three judge – selected entrepreneur plans will each receive a $5,000 award and access to additional working capital from a $50,000 seed fund. All finalists will receive incubator space, ongoing counseling and access to some professional services to aid in their business.

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