IMPACT Fremont’s Brian Young Featured on County 10 Coffee Time Podcast

FREMONT COUNTY, February 1, 2022 – County 10 News – 1330 KOVE AM / 107.7 FM’s Coffee Time host Vince Tropea sat down today with Brian Young from IMPACT 307, who gave us some insider info about the currently active 2022 Fremont County Start-Up Challenge.

The free application for those interested is simple and straightforward, with entrepreneurs being asked to answer a few questions, describe their business idea, product, or service, the market they plan to serve, and tell why they believe customers will opt for their offering over other options available to them.Advertisement

IMPACT 307 is a “statewide network of innovation-driven business incubators, committed to growing and strengthening Wyoming’s entrepreneurial community by providing resources and support for founders to thrive.”

Check out the full Coffee Time interview with Brian for all the details on the County 10 Website.

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