UW’s IMPACT 307 Announces First-Ever Carbon County Start-Up Challenge

IMPACT 307 has expanded into Carbon County and is launching the first-ever Carbon County Start-Up Challenge (CCSC). 

IMPACT 307 is a business development program of the University of Wyoming. It is a not-for-profit business incubator system that provides startup and early-stage companies with the expertise, networks and tools necessary for the development of successful businesses. It is administered by UW’s Office of Research and Economic Development.

Applications for the CCSC opened Sept. 6 and will run through Oct. 9. To register, go to https://uwyo.startuptree.co.

The CCSC is a platform for entrepreneurs to put their ideas to the test while receiving invaluable business coaching and startup support, all free of charge. The CCSC is open to innovative and scalable early-stage businesses, as well as early-stage businesses that will propel significant growth in Wyoming’s economic ecosystem. The competition will identify winning finalists who will receive a portion of a seed fund currently in development.

Finalists will be selected through the application and interview process. Once selected, finalists will receive business counseling and support to help develop their business models and pitches. At Pitch Night, scheduled April 19, 2023, finalists will present their ideas in front of a panel of judges. Winner(s) will receive seed money and continued support — free of charge — to advance their idea and plan.

The CCSC is supported through UW’s IMPACT 307, Western Wyoming Community College, the Business Innovation Hub of Carbon County, the Wyoming Innovation Partnership and numerous local community partners. 

Meghan Kerley, IMPACT 307 business counselor for Carbon County, will be the point of contact for entrepreneurs. In her role, Kerley uses analytical and enterprise skills from years of extensive fieldwork and research in archaeology and biology to help entrepreneurs find solutions.

Kerley encourages people to contact her, even if they are at the very beginning stages of an idea. She can provide guidance or refer the entrepreneur through every step of the process.

For more information about IMPACT Carbon County and its services, email Kerley at mkerley@uwyo.edu.

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