Finalists Selected for the 2022 Goshen County Start-Up Challenge

TORRINGTON, Wyo. (Release) – A panel of local judges have selected five finalists for the first annual Goshen County Start-Up Challenge business competition. The judges chose the finalists after hearing presentations about their start-up ideas from a pool of over 90 applicants.

The five finalists will now pitch their business ideas for the opportunity to receive seed funding in front of the judging panel and a live audience at an event on Nov.10 in the Fine Arts Auditorium on the campus of Eastern Wyoming College in Torrington, Wyoming beginning at 5:30 p.m.

The five finalists are as follows:

Dark Side Shades (Kiari Vaillette) – improved glasses for welding that auto darken, are solar powered, and more stylish than existing products on the market.

Hemp Animal Bedding (Justin Loeffler) – high quality animal bedding made from the hemp plant that provides for better moisture absorption, reduced odor, and a longer period of use.

Hemp Air Filters (Carly Keller, Clayton Auzqui, and Jared Clapper) – a business using hemp to create air filters for tractors, HVAC units, and other filtration needs.

Bear Creek Rubs (Judith Bartmann and Patricia Day) – this existing business involving custom blended spices and rubs for the discerning cook looks to expand to a national presence online.

Bits and Spurs (Blake Afdahl) – silversmithing of high-end bits and spurs targeting the custom market and sold primarily online.

The Goshen County Start-Up Challenge is a joint effort between the University of Wyoming’s IMPACT 307 program and Eastern Wyoming College.

This event is sponsored by Goshen County Economic Development, Eastern Wyoming College Foundation, the Economic Development Administration, University of Wyoming, and the Wyoming Business Council.

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